Getzner Embedded Rail

Elastically bedded track systems have established themselves in city centre environments. Getzner Embedded Rail is an optimised vibration protection system that protects both road and track superstructure by elastically embedding the rails.

The system completely envelops the rail. Lightweight yet resilient chambered filler components made from polyurethane are pressed against the rail web. Butting up – horizontally and vertically – against these filler components and the foot of the rail is an elastic bedding made from Sylodyn®, which significantly reduces those superstructure movements that frequently lead to cracks in the road surface. In addition to the cast for the joint, sealing lips that have been developed in-house seal off the top of the Embedded Rail system.

Getzner Embedded Rail – the real benefit

  • Highly effective vibration protection
  • Protects road and track superstructure
  • Increases ride comfort
  • Quick to install, easy to use
  • System remains effective for the entire life cycle of the superstructure
  • Cost-effective due to lower maintenance costs

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